Studying abroad, applications and sharing stress

T-bell run and studying! -with Erin Lyon, Kelsie Hill, Tessa Dean and, Victoria Spain
T-bell run and studying with Erin Lyon, Kelsie Hill, Tessa Dean and Victoria Spain

Tests, quizzes, mini-exams, presentation stress, activities, events — you name it, and I’ve had it all this week. Plus, being sick was just an added disaster. If it wasn’t for one of my sorority sisters, I probably would have marked my calendar for this week to be the worst I have had since final submission week of my senior year in high school.

Chelsie, my Kappa Alpha Theta big sister, convinced me to get my plans straight for studying abroad during the fall semester of my junior year, which will be this August. I’ve been looking at Australia and Turkey as viable options.

I’ve considered Australia for its varied coastal system and environmental science programs. Turkey, on the other hand, has amazing art history and studio art classes, unique environmental and science outlook, and business programs.

I’m honestly torn between the two options, and wish I could spread out the four-month-long semester into studying in each place for two months apiece. A good thing about my big pushing me into applying with her is that we both constantly check up on each other’s progress, and discuss potential classes and tourist opportunities.

Traveling, studying and experiencing a whole different culture together will notably be one of the highlighted factors of our friendship and individual college experience. Plus, applying, as overwhelming as it sounds, really is very easy.

With the help of our pragmatic study abroad director, Uschi Appelt, anyone with a GPA from a 2.3 to a 4.0 can find courses that match their major and interests offered in affiliated colleges abroad. Now, who would want to miss that opportunity?

Being so delighted about food!!!!
Being so delighted about food!!!!

Apart from the dreamland of study abroad possibilities, one major element that has kept me going this week has been supportive friends, sisters and classmates who are going through similar, if not the same, stress I’ve been through this week.

Four of my sorority sisters were awake cramming for tests and doing homework together last night. All of us were pretty serious, until some of them got back from a late night Taco Bell run, and were delighted to get some food!

Yes, it takes just the bare minimum essential requirements of life to make a college student happy. I couldn’t help but laugh at their spout of happiness, and they were equally delighted to help me make this blog more interesting.

One thing about Hanover is that if you’re trying to give up or are overwhelmed, you’re not alone and by being in the vicinity of people who are going through the same stressful patch as you, sure does make you feel closer as a college community.

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