Networking starts with you

Here at Hanover you hear the word network dropped in conversation, email and in announcements all the time. After having so many great experiences and living in Hilton Head, Philadelphia and the lovely city of Hanover, I understand how important networking is.

For me, I see a network as a spider web that connects you to almost everyone in the world. LinkedIn is one professional website that does it best showing you the potential of your network. I currently have 112 connections on LinkedIn, which has the potential to connect me with some crazy number like 50,000 other professionals.

Fellow TPC alum! We both run track for our colleges.

Although a professional network can be really helpful for business purposes and landing that next job or internship, this professional connection can also lead to some great friendships as well. While in Philadelphia, I think I found this perfect balance between professional and personal.

I was able to make several new friends and through a networking event hosted by The Philadelphia Center (TPC), I was able to meet all of my fellow TPC classmate’s supervisors. This really helped to expand my network and ask questions and learn more about industries I didn’t know about already.

Lunch in Philadelphia with Luke and Staci, friends I met while interning in Hilton Head.

In Hilton Head, I was able to form a more personal network with the other interns and my supervisors. All the interns lived together at the Hilton Head Resort, and we became this huge family.

Since leaving, I have had the opportunity to visit two other interns, a full-time mate who worked on the boats and another friend who actually worked full time on the island.

Networking is so important, and Hanover does a great job of exposing to students to so many different opportunities to do so, as well as allow students to form friendships with people who could potentially help them out in the future.

Networking allowed me to land an internship in Izmir, Turkey for summer 2013 and without my connection, I would not have really known about the internship.

Networking is so important in today’s world, and Hanover is a great place to learn how to do it and do it right. Always be sure to take advantage of any and every opportunity you have to meet someone new because you never really know what that relationship might have in store for you.

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