Zombie apocalypse and societal collapse: are you ready?

Do you think you are ready for a zombie apocalypse or societal collapse? Personally, before my consultation at Arden Theatre Company in Philadelphia, I thought I was, but then I realized that I was not ready at all. While studying in Philadelphia, I had the opportunity to attend what they call “First Friday.”

My roommates and I after our zombie consultations.
My roommates and I after our zombie consultations.

These take place the first Friday of every month until it becomes bitter cold and then, nobody wants to be outside. One of our first stops down the street of vendors and galleries was at Arden Theatre. We had a consultation sheet that inquired about the following:

  • Where we lived
  • What weapons we had on hand at the house (bats, hammers, knives, etc.)
  • What types of transportation we had access to (Boats, bikes, cars, motorcycles)
  • If you had 20/20 vision or impaired vision (Glasses, contacts)

After completing the worksheet, we waited for about five minutes until it was our turn to meet with a consultant. We went in groups of two, and this was when it hit me how unprepared I was for a zombie apocalypse or societal collapse. Below are some of the hints we received that you can refer to if you are ever faced with this situation:

  • Be sure to fill your bathtub full of water because you don’t know when the water will get cut off
  • If you live in an apartment with stairs (which we did, third floor to be exact) DESTROY the stairs! Zombies cannot climb that well so it would take them a while to reach you
  • Always keep weapons on hand
  • If you wear contacts or glasses, you are more likely to die (said the consultant)
  • First move is get to the closest body of water you can find, and go to the deepest part! Zombies cannot swim, they can only walk at the bottom of body of water

The last and most important rule I was told by my consultant is the 48 HOUR RULE. This rule states that if you have not been able to evacuate in the first 48 hours of a zombie apocalypse or societal collapse, stay exactly where you are. You are more likely to survive if you stay where you after the first 48 hours because this is when there will be the most chaos.

If you fail to escape, refer to the list above. I really hope that after reading this you are fully prepared for a zombie apocalypse or societal collapse. Even though I initially failed and would have died, with the information I have now I am sure I would be able to live for at least a full week after the outbreak. Keep this blog handy for future reference and have a nice day!

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