When Coloring Gets Serious

Only at Hanover can coloring get serious. In my Grace and Sin class, we had the opportunity to illustrate the text and draw pictures to share our understanding. Dr. Hughes started class by going over our tasks  and a little housekeeping information, then she whipped out the crayons and colored pencils.

My group’s illustration for Grace and Sin

I was a happy camper when I saw this because in a previous class I had with Dr. Hughes we had also had the chance to color. She told us that when a text is complicated to understand (which it was) sometimes it’s easier to understand if you draw it out, then talk it out.

We split into two groups to discuss the two sides being argued in the chapter, and after we drew what we had on the board, we were able to see the pictures side by side.

From there, each group tried to pull apart the information they had gathered from the picture and share it. Once we had done this, the group was able to clear up any misunderstanding there was in the interpretation of the illustrations.

Both group’s illustrations on the board side by side

Dr. Hughes is just one of many professors at Hanover who thinks outside the box and gives students the opportunity to engage in learning in a fun way. The content we discuss in this class can be very complicated, but when we participate in activities like drawing what you read, it can make things so much easier to understand.


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