Oh yeah, it’s winter

A light dusting of snow
A light dusting of snow

After a few weeks of the temperatures in the 50s (and I think it got up into the 60s a few days) it seemed like autumn was still upon the Hanover campus. Few were complaining, and it was nice not to have to wear a coat every day for a little bit. Of course, like the old saying goes, you don’t know what you have till it’s gone.

This week has been miserable to say the least. When you have to walk everywhere you really notice how cold it gets, and trust me when I say it got cold. With my pockets filled with extra gloves and hats, I set out every morning for class not knowing if my shadow would freeze to the ground behind me.

Luckily, you can walk anywhere on campus in seven minutes (although I’ve never timed it myself, that’s what they tell you in August Experience) so you are never outside for very long. And with some careful planning, you can actually stay pretty warm on the not-so-long walks to class. I think I’ve finally worked out a system that is fairly reliable.

First, I check the weather. Weather.com has become a godsend that I will check every morning even before getting dressed.

Second is something I learned in Boy Scouts on winter campouts, and that rule is layers. Long-sleeves, sweatshirts, hats and gloves, long underwear, and socks have become a necessity when going outside lately. A good coat doesn’t hurt either.

I didn’t plan to come up with the next thing, but it made complete sense when I tried it; warm food or coffee can help keep your hands warm. Aside from ears, your fingers are the first things that will freeze if you aren’t prepared, and carrying a hot cup of coffee or a recently made mac n’ cheese cup can really help keep them from falling off.

The last thing to remember is as the cold hits, take care of yourself. Make sure you stay warm and take medicine when you need it. If you’re anything like me, winter means a car that won’t start and a nose that won’t stop. The most important thing, however,  is to not stay in your warm bed, however tempting it may be, and make the trek to class.

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