Hanover Ultimate 101

Pickup in Lynn Gym. We play inside when it's too windy or too cold. In this case it was both. Also, sorry about the low quality, the lighting was bad and the camera isn't the best.
Pickup in Lynn Gym. We play inside when it’s too windy or too cold. In this case, it was both. Also, sorry about the low quality, the lighting was bad and the camera isn’t the best.

One thing a lot of potential Hanover students worry about is social life, and how many activities such a small school could possibly have. One major option is to go Greek, but you can’t do that until your second semester as a freshman.

I’m sure by this point you’ve read something about going Greek (if not, check out some of the other blogs on this site). Anyhow, I want to take this week’s post to give you an idea of what I do with my free (as miniscule it may be) time. And that, ladies and gentleman, is Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate is a club sport at Hanover, which means we get money from the school and can use their logo, but we don’t have direct affiliation. Namely, it means we don’t have an official coach, which is a good and bad thing.

Our practices tend to be more relaxed without such an authority figure, but we do have a captain, who is not only extremely talented at the sport, but motivational to the rest of the team. He serves as our coach in a less formal way.

Personally, I see this is as one of the pros of Ultimate. If the sport required much more of my time, then I would not be able to enjoy it. This way, I have fun, I grow as a player and no one seems too upset that I can only make three of the five practices/pick-up games a week.

Ultimate seems to have that perfect level of competitiveness mixed with an “it’s just a game” attitude. If we lose, it wasn’t for lack of trying and thus, we do not punish ourselves. Because, it IS just a game.

We didn’t choose Hanover for its Frisbee program. We chose it for many other reasons, and Frisbee was just a plus. On the other hand, we ARE competitive and want to win (who doesn’t?). For me, the balance of the sport is simply perfect.

The Ultimate team also travels to about two tournaments a semester, and in the spring (April 6-7 this year), we host the Hanover Hustle. The Hustle is a two-day tournament played on our football field with teams from (mainly) the tri-state area competing for a first place finish.

And one last big announcement for Hanover Ultimate: the team will compete in a Division III regionals tourney in an effort to get a bid to play in the Division III Ultimate Frisbee Nationals Tournament. How cool is that?

To learn more about Ultimate at Hanover click here (tip:press ctrl-F or cmd-F and type Ultimate).

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