New Members, new faces, new bonds

Theta’s getting ready for the run!

This past week has not just been eventful and exciting, but one of the most tiring and stressful weeks of my life at Hanover. Finals week may be number one on the stressful week chart, but Greek rush week is probably the most experience-filled days of any affiliated and potential new member’s college life.

You’re not just experiencing/evaluating the purpose of sisterhood/brotherhood, but you are trying pretty hard to understand and figure out who you are as a person.

Greek life is not for everyone, which is what I thought before I came to campus. My main focus was getting a liberal arts education and experiencing American culture. Building connections via sisterhood? I had never heard of something like that before.

Searching through some of the most spirited young women I’ve ever met was difficult. In fact, difficult is probably an understatement.

Our Greek system on campus is very open and inviting; the members in each of the houses have an open and unbiased mind. No one is treated as an outsider, and the members hold their individuality while still having at least one group of unaffiliated friends. All in all it is not the least bit exclusive as far as socializing goes.

So, I thought I would give it a shot and see if I loved it, and who knew the odds? I did! Accepting an open bid this past fall has only opened my mind to further possibilities and experiences. It has been a decision I can look back on one day and know I would never want to change it for the world.

When we met and mingled with potential new members this week, emotions and excitement were definitely in the air. My sorority sisters and I not only made it a point to talk to every girl that entered our house from the first event to the last, we also performed our very own creatively planned skit.

Not only did we have some girls rolling with tears of laughter, we definitely made some of the stressful moments and decision evaluation more light-hearted and fun. The best part of having more than one recruitment event, you ask? I got to know more freshmen than I did all of last semester.

After everyone’s votes were in and counted, the next day for the third event, it was time for the famous run to the house, where girls who are invited to join a sorority run to their individual houses. It was a rainy Sunday morning, but that didn’t keep the Hanoverian Panther spirit down.

Every house got a huge new member intake of at least 19 members per house. Exciting, yes, and I cannot wait to get to know not only the new Thetas better, but also the girls I met during all three events of formal recruitment.



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