New semester, new resolutions

At the Christkindl Market in Chicago.
At the Christkindl Market in Chicago.

Christmas break flew by so quickly, even before I could say the word holiday it was done. One of the perks of being an international student is either going back home to a your own country and dismissing the snow and other cold shenanigans that come with a Midwestern winter, or just exploring the rest of the U.S.

Studying abroad for four whole years mainly entails learning and being in a different culture and learning all that you can about it, right? At least for me it’s one of the best opportunities that I’ve been given, something I can look back on at the age of eighty and just know that I’ve experienced the unusual.

I was in Chicago during break at my sister’s and we did the whole Christmas Experience 101. We bought a tree, (an actual live one, something back home in the tropics I could only dream of) and I finally got to eat my mom’s Christmas sweets! We attended Chicago’s Zoo Lights and the Christkindl market, where they have these German stalls selling all sorts of German winter and Christmas souvenirs and food. We got to have hot chocolate in a boot (ceramic mug boot)!

On a more present track, it’s the first week of classes, and I feel like it has been three weeks already. The upside so far is that I finally get to live in my sorority house and already it feels like home. Everyone from our housekeeper to my sorority sisters, I feel like we’ve known each other in another life.

Clichéd and a bit weird I know, but hey, that’s what you get when you live with a bunch of people who understand you, make fun of you, laugh with you, cry with you, and just people who are genuinely there for you! Plus, this week is formal recruitment for potential members. I’m so excited for all the freshmen and sophomores who are rushing this year. I hope all of them have great memories from this experience.

Resolutions, anyone? You know, those little and big changes/promises you make to yourself at the start of every year? You probably hear this from practically all college students about their resolution to have a better diet, workout more, and the one resolution that tops that infamous list is “I will NOT PROCRASTINATE, and will try my best to get all A’s.”

Yes, we’ve all had those massive hopes and some of us actually fulfill them. But, hey, the majority of us fall back somewhere down the path from perfect grades and that decent level of fitness. That’s where the students of Hanover benefit: we have free fitness/wellness classes, from Zumba dancing to Turbo-kickboxing, and students can also have their very own fitness trainer in our great wellness program.

Students in advanced exercise science or KIP (kinesiology and integrated physiology), learn about you on a one-on-one basis, as well as what your potential of fitness is and how to get you motivated about being healthy. Not only do you get a current or future friend to help you, you help them with their futures by increasing their practical knowledge and experience. Hanover also offers a Weight Watchers group where you can get discounts for the amount of weight you lose.

As far as getting better grades go, like I’ve said many times before, every professor at Hanover is usually delighted at the very mention of a request for help, it makes them who they are, people who are genuinely interested in imparting knowledge to us young people.

Also, the Learning Center (LC) on campus helps with any difficulties you have, so if you’re not comfortable asking a professor for help or just aren’t used to it, the LC is where you go to get your papers corrected and help with homework assignments. All in all, getting those A’s, really isn’t rocket science!

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