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Playing with the palomas in Merida
Playing with the palomas in Merida

Here we are again in Hanover, Ind. How does it feel to be back? Probably some of you were happy, while some of you were sad. Despite our inner mood, we are all here; we all repacked our belongings in our trunk and in our suitcase and we unpacked everything in our dorm drawers. We are back in college and the only thing that we can do is make these months as cheerful as we can.

How can you survive going back to college after a three-week Christmas break? How can you decide not to give up during the long nights of hard study? How can you decide to go on even after a failed exam? How can you continue with your college experience when outside it’s rainy and inside you feel nostalgic?

Here are two survival tips: you can either find refuge in your happy memories from the past or find refuge in making new happy memories. Out of the two, the easiest is the first option, mainly becasue you don’t have to create anything, your past memories are there. Close your eyes and dive in your bright past for a while.

My eyes are now closed and I am in Mexico, the country where I spent my break. So, if you would like to go somewhere warm, close your eyes and come with me. Don’t worry if you easily get air sickness, because with the immagination, you can also fly on the back of a dragon.

Smell the food and don’t be afraid to eat it. In Mexico, they know the word hygiene. Smell the chicken tacos and the tortas of shrimp. If you are vegetarian, I hope you can smell the marquesitas of Nutella or of strawberry marmelade.

Hear the mariachi singing and playing the guitar; aren’t they funny with those hats and those fancy pants? Perhaps, you might not like all the noise, so instead, can you see that young singer outside the bar? Listen to him, isn’t he amazing? He just needs a guitar and his voice to take you away.

Taste the joys of a pasteleria, a pastry shop where you could spend all the morning because everything is cooked fresh and hand made. I would have asked for the recipe, if I was a good cook!

Feel the friendliness and the smile of Mexicans, feel the laughter of the children playing with the palomas (pidgeons) and feel the beauty of a population that knows how to live life with happiness. Just feel.

I hope you followed me during this experiment, and I hope you will have an amazing semester.

Folks, here we go again: welcome back!

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