Getting in gear

Isn't campus beautiful in the snow?
Isn’t campus beautiful in the snow?

Happy New Year, everyone! A week of January has already passed, and we are one day into the winter 2013 semester. I’d say most Hanover students are ready to start the new year, semester and season off on the right foot.

Finishing holiday break is always bitter-sweet. On one hand, students miss their friends and freedom at Hanover. However, coming back to school means leaving family and relaxation at home, and picking up new courses and responsibilities.

Transitioning from home to school is tricky after a long break. Students may feel a little homesick and even stressed out — especially when trying to reincorporate class, homework and activities into their daily schedule. Here are some tips to help ease the transition:

1. Get organized: On the first day of classes, Hanover students receive syllabi with all of their assignments for the semester. Looking at the tests, projects and papers for new classes is very overwhelming.

I suggest writing down test dates and due dates for each class in a planner. That way, the workload is laid out on a reasonable timeline. Getting organized always makes me feel calmer and in-control.

2. Take it easy: Class, homework and activities are exhausting; try not to do too much too fast. Students are still on vacation time and need time to readjust into the working mindset. Be sure to get plenty of sleep, eat healthy and find time to relax.

Also, part of a healthy routine is exercising regularly. There are plenty of indoor fitness classes and activities offered at the Horner Center.

3. Have fun: Make plans to spend time with friends, swapping stories of holiday adventures and fun. Go see a movie, grab a sandwich from the Downtowner, a local restaurant in Madison, Ind., or just hang out. I know I missed my Hanover family so much while on holiday break, and I couldn’t wait to see them!

Everyone wants to have a positive start to the New Year, and I hope these tips help achieve just that!

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