Let the break begin!

A final package arrived to our suite just before we left. One of my roommates' mothers sent us all a Christmas gift!
A final package arrived to our suite just before we left. One of my roommates’ mothers sent us all a Christmas gift!

I have officially been home for almost a week and I have to say, the break that I thought I was looking forward to? So incredibly boring. There is only so much daytime television one can watch before it becomes a chore.

When I come home from college, life is so different. I am the only member of my family who is home all day, so being alone is much different than being in my suite at school. My roommates or a friend are always around, and I can spend time with them.

Here? I’m on my own. I have already planned out all of our dinners for the next week, cleaned and organized my bedroom, and then continued my cleaning spree on the rest of the house.

Now my days are filled with graduate school applications and reading both for fun and ahead for class. I never, as a principle, read ahead for the semester over a break.

This time? I am definitely making an exception. I have also been wrapping presents for my parents and ensuring that everything is set for our Christmas celebration on Monday. My family has always celebrated Christmas a day early, since my mother always has to work on Christmas day.

The remainder of my break promises to be just as calm as the beginning has been. I have a pre-New Year’s Eve trip to Chicago planned and from there, who knows? Perhaps I will head back to school a few days early or maybe I will spend the remainder of my break visiting with my family.

I also have my little sister obtaining her driver’s license to look forward to. ThisĀ  will definitely be the scariest moment of my break. But it will likely also be the most momentous. Happy Holidays everyone!

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