Independent Study = complete

My IS during the final revision stage. In order to make sure I was ready to hand it in, the paper went through several edit stages.

The week of the semester that I thought would be the end of me is finally here. Dead Week had arrived on Hanover’s campus and is almost complete. However, the week has not been nearly as bad as I expected.

Once I completed and turned in my Independent Study paper that I spent the semester composing, I felt a huge sigh of relief. It was only Tuesday morning, and I felt extremely optimistic about my upcoming week.

I turned my paper into my advisor, submitted a copy for the library and cleaned out my study carrel there, and then I was free! Planning to race back to my room for a celebratory nap, instead I found myself cleaning my desk, making my bed, doing laundry, proofreading papers for my roommate, and doing everything but take a nap.

Since I had stayed up late and woken up early for several days before turning in my final draft, I was exhausted. Later that night, I had a Hall Council event to attend as well as a cultural event to work.

Finally I got some sleep — and a lot of it. My treat for completing my big senior project? Going to bed at 10 p.m. and not waking up until 10 the next morning. Twelve straight hours of sleep was the perfect reward.

I woke up Wednesday feeling ready and raring to go. The remainder of Dead Week was right in front of me, and I was prepared!

For Wednesday and Thursday, the items on my checklist included my final history paper for Dr. Murphy and taking my take home exam for my directed study course. By the time Thursday evening came to pass, both of these checklist items were done.

Now I have four entire days to dedicate to studying for my Chaucer seminar exam; hopefully that’s plenty of time!

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