Finals and my final post of the semester!

The gift I finally got!!

It’s about that time of the semester. I’ve survived Dead Week, mainly because I only had classes and no presentations or tests to make up. Although, I’m pretty sure everyone else had at least one presentation or a test this week.

My Dead Week officially starts after this weekend or rather this weekend itself, so it’s almost like a monstrous combination of finals and Dead Week studying off the clock! I have three finals next week starting Tuesday: a statistics exam and then an art history exam an hour afterward.

Then, the next day I have a practicum and an exam back-to-back in the afternoon. Yes, I would have rather liked to have it spaced out throughout the week, but that’s what college life teaches you. PLAN AHEAD!

Procrastination is a college student’s worst enemy, though a very sly close buddy that lends its shoulder at the worst times! As much as I loathe procrastination, I must admit this semester has been filled with far too many hangouts with it! Time to pull up those socks and get to the letter grade-jumping race!

Not all of Hanover’s classes have a cumulative grading system, and no professor wants you to get a bad grade! It’s always so reassuring to hear a professor tell you that he or she will only count your best test score or that the one or two tests you blew miserably can be disregarded.

Yes, you will jump for joy and maybe even have the urge to fly across the room and give your professor a big, grateful hug and say that he/she is the best person you know; the feeling will overcome you. So, finals week is the time to mend bad grades, and believe me, talking to professors about the concerns you have about a final helps more than you can imagine.

I’ve done it, every successful college student has, even people on the Dean’s List have done it! Plus, Hanover’s professors are friendly to the core and are well-wishers since before time. I would be more than surprised if any of them turned down an opportunity to help a student out, especially two days before a final!

On the other hand, emailing or calling your professor the night before or the morning of your final isn’t going to guarantee you a speedy reply. Face it, professors have a personal life and need sleep too!

All that finals week talk aside, yesterday we had Christmas dinner at Theta and exchanged Christmas gifts! It was an amazing stress buster, and my sorority sisters had quite a ball stealing each other’s gifts. (As a part of a game, of course! We’re not crazy!)

I got my gift stolen from me about four times, and each time someone stole it from me I went ahead and stole it back from someone else. All in all, we cracked up over it for pretty much a whole hour! We also got delicious Christmas goodies for the whole house, and I can’t wait to put on those pounds next semester, when I get to live there! It should be called the “Sophomore Sorority 16” in comparison to the “Freshmen 15.”

Next week is Christmas break, which I’m terribly excited for, since I get to spend it in Chicago with my sister. I will have to say cheerio readers! It has been an eventful semester, and I can’t wait to start a new semester of blogging with new events and experiences. Good Luck on finals everyone, and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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