Turning Dead Week into Fun Week

My fantastic sock collection (just some of my favorites) from left to right: Penguin with present socks, Scooby-Doo socks, argyle socks, striped socks, and the famous star sockz. I love them all. You may have heard of the crazy cat lady, but have you heard of the studly sock man hunk?

As you might have gathered from my fellow student bloggers, Hanover College’s infamous Dead Week is this week. All the papers are due by the end of this week. The labs are due by the end of this week. The presentations are held this week. In short, this week IS the week.

But not to worry. There is a simple way into tricking your subconscious to look forward to Dead week. I can see the look on your face, utter disbelief. But it is true, it can be done. Let me share my method with you.

The week before Dead Week, I realize, “Hey, next week’s Dead Week.” I then have a mini-heart attack when I realize that all of my class due dates fall on the same one or two days. “It’s just not fair,” I think.

But then I remember something extremely important, that I think all of us tend to overlook at first. The week after Dead Week is finals week. Okay, that’s not exactly a happy thought either, but what comes after finals? Christmas break, of course!

That may not seem like enough of a reason to look forward to Dead Week, so let me make it even more appealing with the other part of my proven method: crazy socks (or silly socks, if you want an adjective that starts with an s. Heck, why not put a z on the end of socks. Sockz. Now, we’re talking.)

Anyhow, I created crazy socks week (as far as I know) to fall exactly at the same time as Dead Week. What this means is that I wear a different pair of crazy socks every day. I sound like a complete nutcase, but I do wear jeans so it’s not that crazy. You just cannot not be happy while wearing ludicrous socks with Scooby-Doo or penguins on them (trust me, I’ve tried).

To spice up the week even more, I like to wear my wild socks with shorts on Friday in celebration of the end of Dead Week and my survival. I make lots of friends this way, too. I know you want to partake in my completely sane celebration of Dead Week, so go check out this place for a pair of your own awesome sockz.

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