My friend, Sarah, and I riding Chi Omega’s tandem bicycle, Jobelle II, around Hanover’s campus.

Bum, bum, bummmmmm (Cue ominous music here)! Dead Week has officially arrived on Hanover’s campus. Students are scurrying from class to the library, their backpacks laden with books and laptops. Most students, like myself, are just glad Monday, Dec. 3 is complete!

Most of my big exams and projects are now out of the way; only a few things to finish up during this time. To celebrate, my friend, Sarah, and I decided to go out and enjoy the surprisingly beautiful weather. It is 70 degrees outside and sunny — can this really be December??

Our sorority, Chi Omega, owns a bright-yellow tandem bicycle named Jobelle II. All of the sisters like to take Jobelle II out for a spin when the weather is nice. Riding the tandem bike around campus is not only great exercise but a lot of fun!

We pedaled down to The Point, through The Quad and over to the athletic fields, waving at students and faculty as we went. There is just something about a yellow two-seated bicycle that makes people smile.

Sarah and I then joined a group of our guy friends to play basketball at the courts near Greenwood. We played a few games of Horse and shot around, seeing who could make the most creative shot! Although my basketball skills leave something to be desired, I found my calling — cheering on my friends!

Dead Week is so stressful, and it is incredibly important to take breaks and have fun. Exercising and hanging out with friends are excellent forms of stress relief, especially when the weather is as beautiful as it is now.

Also, I suggest rewarding yourself when you get something accomplished or get a good grade back on a test. Once you take the time to acknowledge your hard work, it is much easier to motivate yourself to succeed during Dead Week and finals.

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