Semi-formal, pre-Dead Week and my first all-American Thanksgiving!

Theta’s semi-formal! With Erin Lyon, Chelsie Nuhring and me.

I know you’ve been hearing loads about Dead Week, which starts today, and that dreadful finals week! But I’m going to lighten up the mood a little. My sorority just had its semi-formal this past weekend, and what other way to relieve some stress than to dress up classy and have a good time with some of the most splendid girls I know?

Yes, it was more just a break from all that stress about whether or not I passed my statistics test earlier that day, and it definitely was a great illustration of why and how much I love the ladies in my house!

We went from having a delicious meal of mashed potatoes, grilled chicken, lasagna, green beans and for dessert, we had some perfect vanilla and dark chocolate cheesecake. With our tummies filled up the only thing left to do was hit that dance floor.

From the latest hits to 90s music, you’d best believe everyone did the Wobble and Gangnam style till it was time to leave! I even learned how to waltz from my date. All in all it was just one of those nights you want to re-live every time you think about it.

Talking about all that food reminds me of the first real all-American Thanksgiving experience I got to have this year. Alexis offered to take me to her grandmom’s house in Shelbyville, Ind. for break, and boy was that fun!

Dressing classy for semi-formal with Jennefer Gore, Chelsie Nuhring, becca Roessler and me.

For three whole days I got to live, sleep and eat with the most adorable cats and dogs ever! (I’ve never had pets bigger than turtles) Plus, of course, not to mention I had the biggest and most delicious meal of my life (my mom back home in India will be so hurt).

Literally, everything I ate was nothing short of fabulously delectable. All I told myself that day was that I could pamper my taste buds and worry about the calories some other time this year.

I don’t know about this Christmas, however, because my mom is sending me a care package with her homemade Christmas sweets and bakes. I guess telling myself that voluptuousness is in this season will help!

Plus, I cannot wait for Late Night Breakfast at the CC (the dining hall) this Dead Week. It’s a Hanover tradition, where the teaching faculty and the president with Mister President, all get together and serve us dinner before finals week starts. It just shows how informal, and how much we are like family on Hanover’s campus. Last year, we had chocolate chip pancakes (only the best kind of pancakes ever!), tater-tots, and biscuits with gravy and sausage.

Semi formal date with Jan-Niklas Reisser.

Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t talk about Dead Week or finals week, but I couldn’t contain myself when I realized a couple of weeks ago that when I get done with the three finals I have to take by the 12th of December, it will give me two whole extra days of break, because break officially starts on the 14th!

Many students don’t have finals during finals week, and can leave the weekend of Dead Week. Though they usually have research papers and presentations instead, I know either way the end of the semester is one of the most dreaded periods of an undergraduate student’s life.

But to be really honest, the amount of time a student spends on his/her classes per semester makes them ready to take the knowledge that they’ve gained and gracefully move on to new courses. The excitement of new courses and the start of a new semester are all so worth that hard work! So finals week can bring it! (I’ll  still tell you how I’m surviving Dead Week soon!)

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