Edutaining nights (educational and entertaining)

This is how the cool kids study.

Imagine this. You’re sitting in Donner Lobby, typing away at a seven-page paper due the next day that you left a little bit too much undone before tonight. You and four of your friends (one of which is your girlfriend) are all having pretty good time trying to get homework done then all of a sudden, voices begin to come from someone’s computer.

That’s right, you all have just begun the terribly distracting journey through the depths of none other than YouTube. The next thing you know you look up from your paper with three pages to go, and it’s 5:34 in the morning, and you realize that you just pulled an all-nighter.

Welcome to my Thursday night. That’s right, last night was my first all-nighter in college, and it wasn’t even planned. I had hoped to be done with my paper by 1 a.m. That was apparently a rather naive venture.

While sometimes it can be good to get into groups and study, write papers and collaborate, it can also prove to be very distracting. As the red line shot across the screen on each YouTube video, more and more ideas of “We should watch this video next!” shot through our minds.

Minutes turned to hours, and when that finally ended and we decided to get back to work, it didn’t last very long. Through talking, we decided we needed evidence that last night happened so we started taking pictures, then videos, then we started making lip-synch dance videos.

Around 6 a.m., with class looming in a couple hours and everything nearly done, we all finally went to bed. Or rather we fell asleep on the couches.

Now I pulled all nighters in high school trying to get notes taken or papers finished, but none compared to that. While it was definitely fun, I am going to have to advise not to pull one. Staying up all night in front of computer screens has some adverse side effects.

Being tired for instance. Or (as was the case of one of my classmates today) falling asleep in class. These could have been avoided by merely doing my work a little earlier, planning better and not procrastinating so much. Then again, we did have a pretty good time…

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