A Tennessee Thanksgiving

A goat at my aunt and uncle’s 25 acre property in Tennessee. Thankfully, we are not eating the goat tomorrow. That would be sad.

Thanksgiving Break could not have come soon enough. I was beginning to think I would drown in labs, homework and studying, but this break will give me the water wings I need in order to float and swim to shore.

I am spending my break in Tennessee visiting some family members I don’t get to see often enough, and the weather is great here. So, I would say my break has gone well thus far. I have tossed the old Frisbee around, unloaded a trailer and chatted the night away, and that was all in one night. I am looking forward to another two nights of family time before heading back to Noblesville, Ind., and subsequently, Hanover.

Before heading back, however, I am excited to enjoy Thanksgiving Day with my family. I am especially excited to eat a lot, after all that’s what Thanksgiving is all about right? I kid, I kid. As excited as I am to eat, I am more excited to just be with family. Cheesy I know, but as a college student you learn to start appreciating family time. The food is just a bonus (what I am eating for Thanksgiving, not really, also this is not for the faint of heart).

After Thanksgiving, I plan to finish some homework and mentally preparing myself for the rest of the semester. Can we please just take a moment here to have a mini panic attack about how close finals are? Yikes! Looks like I might have to be a little more productive than I originally thought over break.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this much needed break from the daily grind and have a very happy Thanksgiving! And if you’re Black Friday shopping, then I wish you good luck in your bargaining endeavors.


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