Hello there Han Han (my version of Hanover), I’m back with stories to tell!

My BIG amazing family and extended family!

So, I know I’ve been off the blogging circuit way too much this semester. Sorry guys, sickness has gotten me good this year! This post will mainly entail some of the stuff that has happened over these four to five weeks and what is happening, yep the good, and the bad, maybe even the ugly.

I got initiated into Kappa Alpha Theta, one of the four sororities on campus, about two weeks ago! Yeah, my nerves were all over the place the night of initiation, no matter how much reassurance I got from my now official sisters, my nerves pretended to be deaf to all advice.

Funny thing was, when I actually got through initiation, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself about how scared I was. Initiation on the other hand was this beautiful experience, something that I can truly take with me till the end of my life, and replay it with the smallest details and words said still intact. I cannot imagine anyone who goes through something that positively influential and soul comforting to be anything even close to scary.

Apart from getting initiated, a day later I was inducted into the Business Scholars Program, a program that prepares us undergrads to build connections, learn about the business world, and eventually apply it to our very own internship and future career paths.

No matter what field a student decides to pursue, business is a part of every track, from dance choreographers to philosophers to engineering or medicine — even everyday life, like choosing what brand of cereal you want.

Hanover’s business program not only prepares students to learn the jargon of the business world but also apply its concepts to their majors and areas of interest, such as making their taste in music known to more than just their buddies through a website, or a club in which they are highly involved.

My Family, yay theta love!

It’s one of the best academic time investments you can make since a little business never hurt anyone, right? I hope all those socialists can agree.

That aside, how immensely crazy were this year’s presidential elections, guys? Woah! I was amazed at how seriously everyone got when it came to putting his or her opinions out there. My facebook page, and daily conversations hit upon the elections one way or the other, and I couldn’t help but stand back and be amazed a little more.

Back home for me, state election day either can mean several things: be a good citizen and vote without any discussion, listen to each politician rant about how they are better, or it’s an extended holiday, where you go on a mini vacation with your family, don’t complain, the politician with the most money and political backing will win anyway, and the common citizens don’t have a say in presidential elections, so the responsibility factor isn’t there, either.

Watching basically every American I know and noticing their involvement with the election this year was pretty unique experience to me.

Now for the ugly: I don’t know if it was just me, but this week has taken the fall season out of this year. Last year, it seemed like an endless fall; this year the tables have turned, and it seems like winter is going to be cold, and cold to me means many things: mainly, falling sick, taking longer to get to class, and unexplained depression.

Yes, one can actually get depressed on a beautiful campus like Hanover, therefore my best advice to beat that D and replace it with an A for action (yeah, corny I know). The only way to get over feeling low all the time is to go do things with other people or do fun things by yourself, such as get more involved in some of the sixty something clubs on campus, alternate studying with fun exercising like Zumba dancing or kick boxing, both of which are offered by Hanover’s caring health and fitness department.

Want to keep that rocking hot bod till spring break suddenly appears? (You all know that happens.) Plus, exercising keeps you fit, and being fit makes you have a positive outlook on life, depression can take that!

After all that advice, I can’t help but brag about how busy today is going to be for me; yes, the good kind of busy, I have a high school senior shadowing me for a day and my very first student over night! She will be the ultimate witness to why I chose to go away from my comfort zone 8000 something miles away and don’t doubt my decision every morning, even if I have to wake up for an 8 am class! I cannot wait! Plus tomorrow is Rock the CASA, Theta’s Philanthropy party, so fun times will be had!

P.S. I trust a good and honest individual to let me know if ‘Han Han’ is unacceptable. Thanks!!





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