From the press box: Temple versus Rutgers football

Division I football game, press box, media, 34,000 fans — just imagine it! If you haven’t had the chance to experience a football game this way, it was amazing.

Field, stands, press box and me

Being an intern in the Athletic Communications department at Temple University, I have the opportunity to attend all of the sporting events my supervisor manages. The Temple versus Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey game was the first game I was able to attend, and it was great.

I got up bright and early, put on my burgundy Temple polos, some khakis, and then soon afterward, I was ready to go. When I got off the subway and went up the stairs I was by three large stadiums: Citizens Bank Park the Phillies field, Wells Fargo Center where the Sixers, Flyers and Wings play, and then the place I would be going to, Lincoln Financial Stadium. To be around so many large stadiums knowing what happens in them was crazy to me because I have never attended a professional sporting event.

Once I got there and checked in with my supervisor, he took me around for a tour. We walked around the halls to see the different locker rooms, media conference rooms, etc. Of course, I wasn’t able to go inside the locker rooms, but it was really cool to see the Eagles mascot hanging above the door as I passed their locker room.

The last stop on this tour was the field! It is so large and being there so early it was empty. Stepping on to the turf and just looking around had me mind blown; I can only imagine how a freshman would feel at his first game.

Once the tour was over, work began. We lined up all the chairs in the press box in a nice row and placed name tags at each chair. After set up was lunch — another perk to working at the game was free philly cheese or chicken cheese steaks and pretzels!

Some of the other student workers and I sat at a table and hung out while all the “real adults” ate at their own tables. Duties as a worker simply included handing out quarterly notes to each member of the media, and while we waited for each half to end, we got to watch the game in this sound proof box. At half time, they provided us with cookies, so once again I was a happy girl.

Post game duties included going to the press conference of the rival team’s coach and recording what he said, then transcribing it into a hard copy. Once we  completed this my day was over, and I headed back home to pack for my trip to Washington. I hopped on a bus that night and was on the road to see my friend, Hilary Tollefson.

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