So Lame It’s Awesome

I have had a very exciting past week! Sometimes when you least expect it, a whole lot of fun can come flying around the corner and hit you in the face. This weekend was Homecoming weekend, which for the first time in a while also fell on the same weekend as President DeWine’s Halloween party.

For Halloween this year, me and seven of my Sigma Chi friends bought morph suits, which if you haven’t heard of them, they look like this. We got them a full week before the Halloween party on Saturday, so we decided to have some fun with them.

My friends Matt and Jesse and I put on our morph suits and walked through all of the buildings the night after we got them. Because you can’t see the face of the person wearing it, it gets really creepy when you’re sitting in the lobby of a building by yourself and suddenly are surrounded by three silent people in complete body suits.

We walked around posing and having fun while our friend, Kaitlin, followed closely behind with a camera to record people’s reactions. While we were in the computer lab in the library someone snapped a picture and uploaded it to Facebook, where it picked up nearly 200 likes in a few hours. It felt a lot like being a superhero, I assumed, because we were famous but no one could ever know our identities.

The RainBros with the Leprechaun and her pot of gold!

When the night of the Halloween party arrived, the eight of us donned our colored morphed suits, and only at this point was the genius of our costume fully achieved. We had eight colors: white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and pink. Together — we were the RainBros.

The white suit was the cloud from which our rainbow (plus pink) emerged. To make it even better, one of our other friends was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and another friend dressed up as a leprechaun.

We all marched into the party at Dr. DeWine’s in classic WROYGBIP order and quickly got everyone’s attention. When we went out back to see Jim Hickerson’s band, our very own director of campus security, I found another incredible side effect of the morph suit: because no one knew who we were, we were all free to dance like complete idiot,s and no one would ever know who those goofy rainbow people were.

You know that type of dancing that you do when you’re home alone? It was kind of like that, except surrounded by people. It didn’t take long before it was time for the costume contest, and we were pumped. This contest is judged by audience applause, so although we pretty much felt like the life of the party to begin with, we added one final touch.

When our group was called and the crowd was supposed to cheer all eight of the RainBros did the Bernie, which is a dance move that Matt, our blue morph man, is basically famous at Hanover for doing so well. Imagine eight colorful figures doing this and you’ll get an idea for how loud the crowd got. (As a side note, earlier that day when Matt won Homecoming Prince, he Bernied in front of the entire Homecoming football game crowd upon receiving his crown.)

We ended up winning the contest, and had a fantastic time. Our prize was a giftcard to local pizza place, Jendy’s, which was delicious. We also wound up on the website known as Total Frat Move, which I’m not actually sure if I’m proud of. I’d give you the link but I might lose my job. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a rugby match to prepare for; it’s time to show DePauw DePain!

(Cheesy lines are my specialty.)

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