The Comfy Cow – an ice cream and smoothie shop in Louisville that was featured on Man vs. Food. It was just one stop that Brittany and I included in our celebration of friendship.

Frienaissance is most definitely a word. It means the celebrating or renewing of friendship! And this past weekend, that is exactly what I spent my time doing. Brittany and I have been friends for ten years, and it was time for us to have an anniversary. Naturally, we decided to dedicate an entire Saturday to our cause.

It started out as a kind of joke — like haha we have been friends for a really long time, and we are hardly ever apart for more than a few days. But then we got to thinking. Ten years is a long time to remain really good friends so our plans for our day together kept getting more and more legitimate.

We began to plot against each other to see who could show how much they care in the biggest, most ridiculous manner?

Our plans were pretty much set in stone when I kicked off our weekend on Friday with a humorous Facebook post about our anniversary. Then Saturday came around, and we were in full celebration mode. There were flowers, cards, and lots of giggling to be heard in our room. There were even a few iPod/Phone playlists created for the event. After we got dressed and ready to go, we were off.

We made the decision early on that we were going to spend the day in Louisville (because we need memories there that do not have anything to do with the GRE), and we left campus around 12:45 p.m. Saturday to begin our day.

Our first stop once we arrived was to have lunch, but not just any lunch, we decided to treat ourselves to The Cheesecake Factory. Two huge chicken dishes almost fully eaten later, I looked at Brittany and asked, “Is it too late to suggest we split a piece of cheesecake?”

Never one to disappoint me, she said nope, and we decided to pick a piece that we would both enjoy. After about a second we knew which of the bajillion cheesecakes would be perfect for us — the tuxedo. It was so delicious! We definitely made a great choice and are now aching to go back to try even more kinds of cheesecake.

After stuffing ourselves, we browsed around the mall for a little while before moving down the road to Trader Joe’s. When I lived in Philadelphia I used to shop at Trader Joe’s all the time, literally two or three times a week, and I miss it so much! They have some really good products there that you just can’t find anywhere else – I have tried! After stocking up on their yummy chips, salsa, almond milk and granola cereal, I was ready to continue on in our anniversary adventures.

Our second to last stop was The Comfy Cow. As Brittany and I are both Man vs. Food enthusiasts, we had to incorporate a MVF stop in our special day. The Comfy Cow was the place we decided to stop by as it was getting later in the day and neither of us were super hungry. A little ice cream seemed the best route, and we got to cross going to a Louisville MVF location off our senior list of things to do.

We finished up our day together with a trip to the Clarksville Target to do some browsing, and then made it home just in time to crash into our beds and rest up for a Sunday filled with paper writing.

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