Rain, Rain, Go Away

Time to break out the rain boots! Oh wait, I don’t own rainboots…

Imagine this. Average college student walking to class singing under his breath, “Sunny days. Chasin’ the clouds away.” Oh dear Sesame Street, I wish you were here. That’s right, rain has hit the campus and what’s more? It’s homecoming weekend!

Walking into class with soaking wet shoes and uncomfortably moist pants and having to maneuver your jacket so it doesn’t soak you too is a little less than a good time. As long as I’ve been here, though, (which is admittedly not very long) I’ve never known a little rain to keep Hanover students from having fun.

For example, tonight there’s supposed to be a concert by Hellogoodbye. In the case of a downpour most outdoor concerts would call it off. But here at Hanover what do we do? That’s right! Move it indoors! The concert is now in Lynn Gym and while it might not be as cool as an open air concert, it’s sure to be tons of fun.

That’s what I’ve noticed about Hanover, and not just in relation to concerts. Hanover students and faculty are resilient. If something doesn’t go our way, when others would just give up, we find a way to make it work. If you’d like an academic example, take a look at essays, for instance.

Let’s just say, hypothetically, that you get done writing your first essay for Great Works, five pages long and on a piece of art work by none other than Jackson Pollock, and you quickly save it and hit the sack seeing as it’s two in the morning, and you have an 8 a.m. class the next day. All seems well, right?

Wrong. You get to the printing lab in the morning only to realize that your paper did not, in fact, save, and you’ve got little more than an introductory paragraph. Now, this is completely hypothetical of course.

But what else can you do with class in 15 minutes and no other options than to email your teacher and hope for the best. Luckily, my professor was more than understanding, as are most professors here, and gave me till the end of the day to finish it and email it to her.

Everyone here understands that sometimes, things happen that are beyond our control. Whether it’s crappy weather or a technical mishap, Hanover students and staff are, overall, highly understanding and, without a doubt, resilient.

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