Homecoming, homebound, homework and other h things

The different manners in which you can have an 80’s themed costume – a fairly hard core rocker or a more casual outfit that includes the classic side ponytail.

Homecoming (my first h-related subject) is always a frantic weekend on the glorious campus of Hanover. Between voting for the court, attending the annual concert, tailgating, watching the game, making time for at least one of the other events (such as the play) and, of course, some homework, it can be too much to handle.

Too much to handle in a good way that is. You are for sure never bored if you choose to leave the safety of your dorm room.

Unfortunately this year, I had some family commitments that required me to skip out on all the Homecoming 2012 fun. No Hellogoodbye  concert for me. Luckily, this is one of the bands I have seen in concert before, so while I was sad to miss out, I was pleased that I wasn’t missing out on someone I had never seen.

I had to head home early in the week so I wouldn’t miss out on my family event. Meaning, I traveled home early Thursday morning and was homebound (h number two!) until early Sunday. Thursday and Friday were mostly spent with my mother and sister, tending to our various important tasks.

Friday evening, however, I chose to dominate some serious homework (another h!). I read a ton of my reading assignments, and then turned around and wrote two entire papers. Talk about a whole lot of work in not so much time.

By the time my head hit my pillow it was super late and almost time for me to wake up. I did manage to score a couple hours of good quality sleeping time before waking up for even more family fun. This time in the form of my extended family.

(Going for one more h-word, here) Halloween party! Yes, that’s what filled my Saturday evening. A family party with lots of music, games and food for all those in costumes. Those without? They had to sit in the “Party Pooper” corner for five minutes before they were allowed to join in or even talk to anyone else at the party.

There were lots of good costumes including a zombie, Effie from “The Hunger Games” and a workout guru. I spent a good chunk of my afternoon applying 300 layers of pink eyeshadow, black eyeliner and bright red lipstick in order to pull off what I considered to be a pretty legit 80’s rocker (a side note, I spent even longer trying to remove all of it. I actually might still have some on, and it’s Monday).

This trip home was definitely bittersweet as not only did I miss my last Homecoming weekend as a student, but I also missed my last chance to attend one of President DeWine’s Halloween parties. I heard there was a good turnout this year and even better costumes. I am definitely sad I missed out, but thanks to Facebook, I am still able to catch up and see all my friends in their costumes.

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