Working with pumpkins

It’s official: I will never understand America. I decided to delay this announcement because before Fall Break I wasn’t sure of it. Now that Fall Break has past, I can say it loudly.

Pumpkin shopping!

I don’t understand your coins, your slang and your passion for pumpkins. To be more specific, I don’t understand pumpkin shopping. What I mean is that I don’t get why you do all that effort just for Halloween. Again, the reason is because I’m Italian.

In Italy, Halloween is not a big event; people sometimes wear costumes and there are themed parties, but nothing special. I’m not even sure that the elderly continue buying candies for children.

Created in the U.S., Halloween lost most of its charm during its cruise in the Altantic Ocean towards Europe. The vampire with sharp teeth became a vampire with dentures.

Most Italians wonder why they should celebrate horror and fear. We (and I include myself) don’t understand the logic of it. I mean, if you have a specific date dedicated to terror, you should also have days dedicated to fantasy or westerns. This doesn’t happen (no, Carnival doesn’t count!).

And what about pumpkins? Why specifically pumpkins and not apples? It’s discrimination! You carve and paint pumpkins, and I’m pretty sure I saw someone rock one as if it was a baby.

Italians usually rock soccer balls (the famous addiction to soccer), because we prefer using pumpkins as a source of feeding; gnocchi above all. Simply, to cook them you replace potatoes with pumpkins.

I’m sorry I’m not very detailed about this, but I’m not a good cook (it’s one of my few defects). My mother is the boss of the kitchen, and it is not crowded. For sure, it’s not as crowded as a pumpkin field before Halloween!

I promise I will be open-minded, and I will try to understand Halloween. I’ll even try to find the recipe for pumpkin gnocchi and cook them! (Maybe.)

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