Taking a personal day

My own personal workspace in Barnes and Noble complete with my iced Starbucks treat for working so hard.

This blog is not going to be about me skipping class to take a personal day, but it is going to be about me taking the majority of a Saturday to get off campus with my two very best friends for a day in Louisville, Ky.

This past Saturday, one of my roommates was scheduled to take the GRE (graduate record exam) so naturally, the entire suite hopped into her car just before seven in the morning to tag along.

While on my day trip, I found myself wondering why it had taken us so long to start making trips like this on a regular basis. Sometimes you just need to get off campus and I have come up with five things to do in Louisville that are worth your while.

1) Spend some time at Barnes and Noble. Okay, I get this isn’t terribly exciting for everyone, but I needed to get some homework done while my roommate took her exam, and I was surprisingly productive in the bookstore.

It was cool, quiet, and there were some much needed study breaks spent stumbling across books I can’t wait to read. And what Hanover student is going to turn down an opportunity to get themselves a yummy Starbucks treat? Not me!

2) There are limited places to go shopping while on campus, so I definitely recommend taking some much needed shopping time at one of the two major malls in Louisville. Or do what I did and hit both of them in one trip.

Each has stores the other doesn’t, and they are less than five minutes from one another. The Oxmoor Center has some more high-end shops, while Mall St. Matthews houses the largest Forever 21 I have ever seen.

3) Take a trip to Fourth Street. This may be more of an evening activity as there are lots of comedy clubs and such to keep you occupied, but it can definitely be done in the day, too. While down on Fourth Street be sure to swing by The Hard Rock Cafe because really? Who can resist going to a Hard Rock Cafe when there is one nearby?

If you aren’t into the Hard Rock Cafe scene, you should really consider heading back to Mall St. Matthews and hitting up The Cheesecake Factory.

4) Visit the Louisville Zoo. Sure Indianapolis and Cincinnati both have zoos, too, but Louisville is closer than either of those places from Hanover. This means that if you take a day trip to the zoo you won’t have to hit the road as early and will have more time to sleep!

While Omnibus usually takes at least one zoo trip a year, it is usually to the Cincinnati Zoo, and sometimes it is nice to check out a different atmosphere.

5) Speaking of Omnibus and Louisville, the Omnibus staffers recently took a group down to the Louisville Mega Cavern where some Hanover students got the opportunity to go ziplining through the caves. Looking for something a little more special? During the holiday season, they transform part of the caverns into an underground light festival! No climbing or ziplining required — just load up your car with your closest Hanover pals and drive through!

Not all of these things can fit into one day, of course, unless you are a super planner. Perhaps I will need to take one or two more personal days to get everything taken in, especially the Lights Under Louisville tour!

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