Taking a time out

A burger from this rural establishment was one of the many highlights of my short fall break!

This past weekend, plus Monday and Tuesday, served as a much needed break for us Hanoverians. It gave us time to rest, recharge and head home to take care of business.

Being away from home is tough — I mean I need a haircut as much as the next girl but my hairdresser lives in Illinois, and I am too much of a chicken to try someone new.

Don’t get me wrong I do miss my family and my cats, but there are so many other people I have to miss when I’m at Hanover. This is why I definitely took time out of my break to get a good amount of my hair cut off.

My home adventures did not stop there. My best friend (who is also from my hometown) and I took advantage of being home on a week day to visit our Circuit Clerk’s office and vote early (learn more about voting here). This process is sometimes confusing, and there are several options for students living away from their home county, state, what have you.

Once you are registered, you may either request an absentee ballot so you can vote and mail it back to your hometown, or you can take advantage of a break and vote early in person.

Luckily I had planned in advance to take a portion of my Monday off to take care of this very important business and my friend seemed to share my thoughts!

After our morning of voting, we decided to treat ourselves to something special. About 20 minutes from our town, in the middle of nowhere, there is a tiny hamburger establishment called Moonshine. In a small, one room general store type building the most amazing cheeseburgers I have ever had are created.

It is a rare treat for us to be home and be able to make it out there in time to grab a burger. The grill is only on for two hours each day, so to get one of these treats is super special. Not only are the hours strict at Moonshine, but unless you know exactly where you are going there is a good chance you will get lost.

Thankfully we have both been there enough that we made it with plenty of time to spare. It was the perfect way to celebrate voting in our first Presidential election! And a great way to finish up our break time.

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