Who loves wee little children!?

Panther visits at CMFK meeting

Who doesn’t love a cute little child? No one, is what I think the answer should be.

For three summers, I worked at a day camp back home, and every time I left my campers each summer my little heart was all torn up. When I first came to Hanover, I wanted an opportunity to work with children that didn’t take away a lot of my time because I was just a freshman in college.

I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with a new activity so when I heard about CMFK or College Mentors for Kids meetings once a week I was ecstatic. I would get the chance to work with kids, and have time to continue to get acclimated to Hanover, and keep up with my studies.

My first year in CMFK I was kind of in a weird position. There was a surplus of mentors, and this left me buddy-less all of first semester. That is when an opportunity presented itself!

I was able to help the activities director with setting up and getting supplies, which gave me the chance to work with all the kids across the different grades. It was always a lot of fun and allowed me to learn how to relate to kids on a more kid-friendly basis since we had to work with their activities.

One of my favorite activities we did with the kids was the campus tour. It’s a pretty standard go around, showing the children the different buildings and tell them what we do in each one.

What it made it really fun for me was seeing these kids get so excited about something that never really excited me. They saw the bear in Science Center, the art in CFA (Center for Fine Arts), and the panthers in the Horner Center.

Each one of these things that I take for granted was an amazement to them. Their little eyes lit up seeing these new sights, and I think during the campus tour is when a lot of those kids get excited about school and want to go to college.

The mission of CMFK states, “College Mentors for Kids’ mission is to connect college students with the most to give to kids who need it most.We bring that mission to life by fostering inspiration to transform lives, education to change attitudes and connections to increase opportunities.

Our vision is to help school children “look forward sooner and be able to give back later.” Being a member of this program has really allowed me to grow as a person and also embrace my old childlike qualities. College Mentors for Kids is a great organization; it helps remind you of what it’s like to be a child again and also help a child while you do it.

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