Up Til Dawn

Up Til Dawn is an organization on Hanover’s campus that brings awareness to childhood cancer and raises money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. Last year, I was the public relations officer so I was in charge of advertising for events and also putting on small events for the organization.

Unfortunately, we never really had a call-out meeting so our numbers were very low. Basically, all we had was an executive team that did everything. But I loved Up Til Dawn and believed it was for a great cause.

Throughout the year, we had several commitment issues and some people on exec just weren’t willing to put forth the time or effort. While this problem persisted, we decided to go out and grab some new members.

Cake handed out to those who came to the event

After our letter-writing event in the fall, we were able to recruit a couple FIJI’s (Phi Gamma Delta fraternity) and some freshmen before our final event in the spring. With our new team established, planning began, and we started to get ready for final event that would celebrate our accomplishments from the fall letter-writing event.

Our new team worked great together, and we were successful with our attendance at meetings. We began with finding out what our budget was and applying for swept funds. A swept fund is like a leftover budget that all clubs and organizations have the opportunity to apply for some of its funds.

You write up a proposal explaining why you need the money and how you would use it. It sounds really easy but its pretty competitive, especially if you want a large sum of money. Thankfully, our organization got the funds we needed, and we continued to prepare.

January passed by, February flew and then came March. It was crunch time. We had only two months left before our event along with winter break and spring break, which would hinder meeting times. Together, we were able to get everything ready!

We painted poster boards, chalked up the walkways, posted flyers, and had an ad put up on the intranet, so we were all set. The day of the final event came, and we collected the cornhole boards for the tournament; we had about 12 teams sign up.

We were ecstatic because we weren’t sure if anyone was coming or if the weather was going hold up. We ended up having a wonderfully hot and humid day for our tournament and happy participants who had drinks and cake. Set up and tear down was extremely easy, and we all worked together as a team.

It was so great to see how far we had come from our first couple months last fall. We went from having flaky members to a team of willing students who wanted to help make a difference. We ended our Up Til Dawn season raising a little less than $3,000.

A wave of accomplishment went through the group as we talked about what we had achieved and planned for the next year. Up Til Dawn is a great organization ran by great individuals who want to make a difference, and last year I was happy to be a part of it.

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