Campus Philly

Some other Philadelphia Center students and me at a vendors tent.

Philadelphia is great! It kind of smells but otherwise, this has been an amazing semester. Just this weekend the wonderful city of brotherly love hosted an event called Campus Philly. There was live music and a TON of vendors from Verizon to Student Universe, which is really cool because it is designed specifically to give deals to students! Deals including travel, food, clothing, online shopping, the works, so be sure to click on the hyperlink and check it out.

So anyway, let me tell you a little more about what I did at the Campus Philly event. Campus Philly provided you with the chance to not only get free things but WIN free things and seriously, who doesn’t love to be a winner? One vendor was a grocery store and you were able to spin a wheel that decided what prize you won.

After than fun little game you had the chance to play half a corn-hole game. You played against another person and whoever made it into the hole won a gift card and the other received the default prize which was a t-shirt.

After losing the wheelchair race at the Franklin Institute

Another free event provided to students were several museums located in the art district. One museum was the Franklin Institute, which was so fun and interactive especially for a bunch of overgrown children (which is exactly what you are as a college student).

On the first floor there was a Space Command exhibit that was so cool where you could play games that taught you more about space and one of the first things you could play with was a huge laser – pretty cool! On the second floor, there was a huge heart that you can walk around and travel the same path as the blood through your body, the electricity section and the changing earth.  In the changing earth part you were able to climb through this tunnel that mimicked the inside of the earth and you took the form of “lava” once you entered the tunnel.

The third floor is where the fun was! There was a sports challenge section and a Sir Issac’s Loft. The sports section gave you the chance to test your physical strength, balance, and check your vertical (mine was awful)! In Sir Isaac’s portion, there was this really neat seat where you sat down and tried to lift yourself. Once again I failed, but we had a blast going through all these exhibits in the Franklin Institute.

To end our day we all went and saw “The Dark Knight Rises” in Imax. All I can say is WOW! I had seen a movie in Imax but it had been years and to see such an intense movie in a theater that is more than 70 feet across and four and-a-half stories tall with 20,000 watts of amplifier power and more than 50 speakers. So, needless to say ,it was a pretty epic showing of that movie.

As our day came to a close, we made the 15-minute walk back to our apartments and went through our bags of goodies. Campus Philly was an amazing experience and a great kick off for next week, which is Restaurant week in the city!

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