Shakespearian Opportunity

With this much literature from the Medieval and Renaissance periods, how could I not be dying to go on the Shakespeare in England trip?!

In case you hadn’t noticed – I really and truly love life at Hanover College and it seems to just continually get better. I am pretty sure I have written about the Spring Term courses that take Hanover students and professors to different countries to study for a few weeks. But this year is a whole new ballgame since I have been planning for more than a year to go on a trip.

Which off-campus spring term trip have I chosen to go on? Shakespeare in England, of course!

This course is one of the oldest off-campus classes offered at Hanover and it has been taught by the same professors for many years. This is great for me, as it means that I will get the best experience possible. During the course of the trip I will journey to Stratford-Upon-Avon and London to learn as much about The Bard as possible. As a class we will read, travel, eat, sleep, and breathe William Shakespeare. And I cannot wait!

I have already taken many of the steps toward going on this trip. I acquired my passport, filled out the paperwork, talked with the professors and applied for a scholarship. The scholarship program is a huge deal. It can cut the cost of a trip from $4,500 to a mere $1,500 if you pour your heart and soul into your essay – which I have definitely done. Hanover works really hard to ensure that every student has the opportunity to go on a once in a lifetime journey.

I have wanted to travel to England since I was a small child – so this trip is something I have been looking forward to since I arrived on campus and learned it existed. After I figure out how much scholarship money I have earned, it will just be a manner of officially registering for the course, paying the remaining course balance and meeting with my classmates to prepare for our journey. Every time I hear of anything to do with London on the news or online I automatically think “I will be there in May!”

You can bet that along with all the Shakespeare attractions and important literary locations I will make a stop at the London Eye and the Olympic Stadium that just housed the 2012 Summer Olympics. Basically, I will soak up as many British sights and as much British culture as possible! I will keep you posted on my trip planning as it unfolds!

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