Facebook, Twitter, iPhones – where do I begin? I recently made a big upgrade in the world of technology from a basic phone to a smart phone, more specifically, the iPhone 4S! There is so much hype about the Apple phones, I knew I had to get in on the action.

The picture I used for the Facebook contest that helped me win free textbooks for my first year at Hanover College!

By the way, this was a birthday gift from my parents and grandparents. Sorry to say on the way home from the Verizon store, I completely ignored them and was occupied with my phone the rest of the evening. Of course, I was downloading Facebook, Twitter, etc. – you know, the bare necessities.

Hanover College offers pages for Facebook and Twitter that are beneficial to students like me who are consumed by technology. On Twitter, I follow @HanoverPanthers, which provides me with sports updates about our Hanover teams, and I also follow @HanoverCollege, which gives day to day event schedules for each week at Hanover College.

I can stay connected with different groups by utilizing my Facebook account.  On Facebook, I get updates from many different pages, such as the Hanover College page, my Peer Advisor (PA) group, my HC Class of 2016 peers, and the Hanover College Admissions Department.

When I was deciding if Hanover was where I wanted to attend, I received a letter and an HC t-shirt in the mail. The instructions required me to take a picture of myself wearing my new Hanover t-shirt, post it on Facebook and capture the most “likes” on my picture. It was a contest among the class of 2016 potential students.

The winner received free textbooks at Hanover College for the first year. After getting connected with the Hanover Facebook page, I posted my picture and requested all my family and friends to get on board. Amazingly, I was able to get the most likes on my picture, and in return, have had the luxury of free books for my first year.

Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, may sometimes take away valuable time as a college student, but they are beneficial to us as well. There are updates about school, messages about incoming students or faculty and information about contests or financial aid that can make a difference in your monthly billing statements!  Adults continuously tell us social networking sites consume too much of our time or hinder our social skills, but I urge you to shoot for all the benefits from them and get connected!

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  1. Oh yeah I’m just high up in technology nowadays! Thank you for reading! Love you and can’t wait to see you this weekend either.

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