Dodging About Campus

Teams competing in the dodgeball tournament consisted of five players. Roughly six teams signed up to play, and each team got to play several rounds before being evicted.

It may only be week one for the majority of the students on campus but the freshmen, Resident Assistants, Peer Advisors, athletes and many other students have been around for at least a few weeks by now. That means pretty much everyone is settled in and has some sense of a schedule.

But for the freshmen, and everyone else, if we are being honest, it is a little hard to get back to being in a small space, have little privacy and be far from home. It is because of these reasons that the Student Life offices made sure that there were plenty of activities going on during the first official weekend. These activities were to keep everyone busy so they wouldn’t get bogged down about missing home.

While there were many sporting events going on around campus this weekend, that isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. Friday evening Kaleidoscope hosted a black light party in the Campus Center. This was a great option because who doesn’t love a good dance? Unfortunately, Friday evening there was a pretty intense thunderstorm that hit the Hanover area so many dancers found themselves running back to their dorms in a downpour. Oh well, all part of the experience, huh?!

Saturday was the big day for athletics – football and volleyball were just two of the sports to get up and running. But welcoming those non-athletes to campus was a different sporting event taking place in Lynn Gym — a dodgeball tournament hosted by the Campus Activity Board (CAB for short) — and it was definitely a fun evening. There was music, laughing, and lots of running and sliding across the floor.

It was pretty much the live action version of “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.” If you haven’t seen it you probably should, it will teach you everything you need to know about playing the sport. While there were teams playing at all times, it was a fun atmosphere for those who weren’t playing. As a member of CAB I chose not to play but instead to make sure teams were being signed in and that the bracket was being updated after every game.

Once the tournament was over, we decided the best way to end the evening was to bring everyone who was willing down on the floor and have two massive teams. While these rounds took longer, they were very interesting to watch! Overall it was a really fun event, and I hope that CAB chooses to host a few of these smaller, game-type events, since everyone who came out really seemed to have a good time.

This is what CAB is all about – getting students involved and making sure they learn, grow and most certainly, have fun!

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