Commence! Convocation!

Just a few of the wonderful friends I have made during my time at Hanover. Formal attire was a must for Convocation as was taking pictures to remember the day.

Well, it’s official. I am back on campus, and this time, I’m at the top. That’s right, I am officially a senior. This didn’t fully register with me until Thursday’s Fall Convocation. Even though before this event I met with my classmates in the basement of the Faculty Office Building to pick up and try on my cap and gown, it still felt surreal.

My days at the good ole HC are becoming limited, and I plan to take full advantage of every opportunity that even tries to knock at my door.

Where was I? Oh! Yes, Convocation. As a transfer student, this was my first time attending Convocation (I know, I know – shame on me) but it always worked out to where I was working or busy on this day during my sophomore and junior years.

It was such an amazing experience – sitting in the Horner Center with all of my classmates, listening as President DeWine welcomed the class of 2016 and gave the class of 2013 many positive words to start our final journey. The whole process from the processional to the recessional was just over an hour, but all the good stuff came between those two events.

President DeWine gave a hearty speech about the students that make Hanover unique and the communities we have the potential to impact. The current president of Student Senate, Bryan Ruder, gave the class of 2016 an opportunity to make some fast cash, $100 to be exact.

In doing so, Bryan also gave Dr. Steve Jobe, the vice president of academic affairs, an opportunity to joke around with all those attending Convocation. Claiming that he would finish his speech as soon as $100 appeared in his hat. Luckily this didn’t happen and we were able to hear the entire speech Dr. Jobe had written for the occasion.

Being a part of Hanover College in general is something I have enjoyed from day one, but something about today made me really appreciate the college for what it is. It has provided me with so much in just two short years. Food, friends, an education, life skills, role models, everything I could have ever wished for all on under 700 acres – Hanover is just a unique place. And just when you think you know everything about it, you just keep on learning.

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