When the students are away the admission counselors will play!

It is summertime at Hanover College, and as exciting as that sounds, it really isn’t exciting at all. Summer at Hanover is pretty quiet because most of the students, faculty and even staff are gone until the fall. We still make the best of it when everyone is away with athletic camps, summer academies sponsored by the Rivers Institute and plenty of prospective student visitors. I live on campus year-round so it is kind of nice having all 650 acres to myself for a few months!

DeerWhen the students leave, the animals on campus come out of the woods and take advantage of the solitude.

In the admission office, we work with students who don’t go to Hanover College (yet), so we keep busy making sure they are ready for their next steps. Summer is the perfect time for rising high school seniors to visit and learn about what is going to happen in the next year. If you are going to be a senior this fall, look into visiting Hanover sometime this summer by checking out our campus visit webpage.Why should you visit, other than keeping us company over the summer?

The first step to finding out where you want to go to college is to find out what you want in a college. Visiting several colleges and universities will allow you to see what you do and do not want in a school. There are some things that you just have to see first hand to know you can’t live without.

Every school is unique, so you will learn something new at every visit. If you absolutely need small class sizes, fun traditions, an indescribably beautiful campus and a liberal arts education that doesn’t leave out a healthy dose of career direction, then you can’t pass up a visit to Hanover to see what other things will describe your ideal college experience.

Once you figure out what you want in a college, the tough part is finding which colleges meet your needs. We can help you with that! Here are some great resources to find out what college may be a good match for you and your interests:

The College Board doesn’t just focus on the SAT and AP tests. This organization cares about students finding the right college fit. There are 10 different categories that can help you narrow down your search to a few key schools.

Cappex is a great college search tool because it does a lot of the work for you. You create a profile for yourself and then they put you in touch with colleges that match your profile. It’s like online dating, but instead of a relationship, you get a college!

Be sure to keep an eye on these blogs over the summer as the admission staff will update you with tips for your college search. We will also show you what we will be doing this summer because when the students are away the admission staff can have its own fun!

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