A Cin-sational Saturday

We all had so much fun on our day trip to Ohio that we plan on doing it at least once a semester next year!

Spring Term is a great time on campus if not for any other reason than because of the relaxed atmosphere. This allows us to enjoy our weekends even more so than we usually would. It was my big weekend to get off campus, and I definitely took advantage of Spring Term on Saturday.

My roommates and I had had this day planned since the middle of last term. Ever since two of us went to Jungle Jim’s, (go here to catch up) we have been dying for an opportunity to return to the international market. So we started putting ideas out there and before we knew it it was May, then it was the middle of May and we had yet to follow through on our return journey to Jungle Jim’s. So we made plans, changed them and then settled on a definite plan.

The final version was even better than the previous ones, as it included a trip to Dave and Busters. This place is amazing, and if you’ve never been, I highly recommend going. It is like an adult version of Chuck E Cheese with better food and better prizes.

Saturday morning, we loaded into the car, drove for roughly one and a half hours, and we were at Jungle Jim’s. After two hours of roaming all over the store, sampling about a hundred foods, and checking out with our supplies of imported goods, we were off to Dave and Busters.

A dinner of mostly yummy burgers (I was the difficult one who got chicken) later it was time to play! We hit the game room with our loaded cards and ended up making our ten dollar cards last for just over an hour.

Then we took our buckets of tickets into the prize room and traded them out for classes, toys and candy. The prize room is always a cool experience, as the prizes range from a 15-ticket Chinese finger trap to PlayStation IIIs and much, much more.

After packing our loot to the car, we were all pretty tired, but we all managed to stay awake for the ride back to Hanover where we all did homework and/or watched some of our favorite T.V. shows. Ahhhhhh, Spring Term, how I will miss you when summer begins!

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