Week Two of Break

The second week of my break was even more relaxing than the first. While I was off campus for the first week I had some assignments to wrap up, but the second week was all mine!

I spent it catching up on the “Avenger” movies (“Captain America” and “Thor”), cooking up a storm and traveling to Chicago. I also spent it doing one of my favorite things, reading for fun. I devoured several books in just a few days and now can’t wait until the summer break when I will be able to read even more.

Some of my less formal reading including reading about a month’s worth of two or three magazines. Some of these I managed to read on a train ride from Effingham, Ill. to Chicago. This train ride is about three-and-a-half hours long and was a great experience. One of my roommates, who’s also from my hometown, and I rode the train to the Windy City to meet our other roommate who lives in the Chicago area. This was a great opportunity to some of the sights that students who take advantage of the Chicago Center experience.

The Amtrak train that took us from our hometown to Chicago. This was my first experience on a train, and it was great.


The first slice of deep dish pizza I have ever eaten, it was delicious and so different from any other pizza I have ever had.


The Bean has been featured in several movies over the years and is a well known Chicago landmark.

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