Week One of Break

The city of New Orleans is a great place to visit since it is culturally diverse. You get to experience so much in a fairly small amount of space!

This year, I was an extremely lucky duck, as I had no finals during finals week. (Well, I did have some take-home finals.) I was allowed to leave campus a week earlier than most. I definitely took advantage of my two weeks of break, traveling and resting as much as possible.

My first week of break I spent in Alabama with my aunt, uncle and cousins. It was amazing! I absolutely love spending time with my family, and it’s always nice to get away from the Midwest and spend some time in a different part of the country.

While I left my cool 65-degree Illinois home in favor of the humid 88-degree southern Alabama weather, I was completely happy. I spent the week taking advantage of fresh produce and an empty kitchen. I cooked some of my favorite dishes (chicken pot-pie) and some new dishes (a mushroom roast), and I enjoyed every second of it (obviously, since I only blog about food all the time).

However, I also spent a good part of my week traveling about. I flew in and out of New Orleans, so I was able to see the city post-Katrina. I traveled a bit around Alabama but I wasn’t able to make it down to the beach due to several thunderstorms.

I did have some papers to finish during this week but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. I finished up the work just by working in the evenings and managed to spend some time shopping and eating out. I am definitely looking forward to my next trip to Alabama, since it was a great experience.

After all, my college career is a great time to travel since I don’t have to worry about missing work at a regular job ]. I fully intend to take advantage of the next year of my life and see many things I have always wanted to see.

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