Two Times For the Money!

Meggles and I before the hike changed my life :)

Spring Term is a different beast the second time. When I got to campus for my second year here at Hanover, I expected things to be different because my experiences would be different. What I’m finding out is that I was right! Doing this thing all over again is interesting.

There are a few things about Spring Term that I knew for sure starting out:

1.)  I only have one class a day

2.) I’m free to do anything outside of those hours that my class requires my attention

3.) There are a million and one things to get into

4.) I’ve had all the fun I could possibly wish for during Spring Term

What I found, of course, was that I was right about all but the last of my bucket list for the term. This weekend I had the chance to explore one of the waterfalls off of campus. I’m not usually one to enjoy the outdoors (for squeamish reasons.) I usually do a lot of complaining about the heat, allergies, bugs and anything else that will get me out of an outdoor adventure. The idea of even considering it was new to me.

I thought I had done it all! We drove from the end of Hanover Beach to the nearest one. It had rained heavily for four hours the night before. The current was slow in some areas and rushing at higher speeds in other landings.

I found out that I’m a pretty decent climber. I also learned that I can conquer my fears if I put my mind to it and that the outdoors isn’t so bad when there’s fresh water involved.

My friends Megan, Alicia and I didn’t go all the way to the very top.  However, we decided that over the next couple of weeks during Spring Term that we would make it a point to gradually go a little bit higher the next several times that we visit. We also thought that it would be a cool idea to explore other parts of the local area.

Did you know that there are several different waterfalls and hiking trails off of the campus? I hope to have the chance to explore and visit them all this term and for my next two years here.

Next year I think I’ll visit another country or at least another state. You only do undergrad once (live it to it’s fullest is what they tell me)

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