II trip to Chicago on my birthday!!!

If you are familiar with Hanover’s website , you may have seen information about our Intensive Inquiry (II) Program, which allows students from various majors to study a topic they choose in an off-campus environment. Students get to pick the professor who goes along with them, and Hanover will cover most or even all of the cost of the trip. We benefit from the trip in many ways!

So. to make my 20th birthday memorable, I planned an II trip to Chicago with a group of students to study art.  Here is the story of our II trip:

We ate Thai food after getting to Chicago...Yummy!


The first night, we went to the Millennium Park, and the Crown Fountain was gorgeous at night!


When we walked pass the Cloud Gate, we saw a young man successfully propose to his girlfriend. It was so romantic and magical; we applauded after she said YES!!! Can't believe it happened on my birthday!!!


On our way to the Art Institute! Our faculty member, Ms. Deb Whistler, asked us to look for an artwork that we would want to steal the most from the Art Institute and then share the reasons why. This assignment gave us the incentive to look through all the pieces carefully, and we learned a lot from each other.


At the Monroe Harbor - such a beautiful view, but it was WINDY!!


We had dinner in Chinatown and explored the area as well. Yummy food! And in the picture, another blogger, Ron Kitcher-Pentey was describing something to our Mexican exchange student, Paola Perez-Rulfo.


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