Spring Break!

I love flying Southwest, I am looking forward to flying to New Orleans on Sunday with them (especially since they give you yummy snacks!). (Photo from Wikipedia)

Today’s the day! It’s the Saturday before finals week, and I have my bags packed, and I am ready to go home! While I still have a few assignments to finish up, emailing them in is not a problem, and I can work from home.

After brunch today I will travel to Evansville to attend a wedding of a recent Hanover graduate. Afterward, I will drive two more hours and be at home until Sunday afternoon, when I will go to St. Louis, catch a plane and arrive several hours later in New Orleans!

I won’t spend much time there, though, as I my destination is in Alabama. For five days I will stay with my aunt and hopefully doing a lot of relaxing (and some homework!) during Finals Week. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. I plan on doing some shopping, maybe going to the beach, and just enjoying time with my extended family.

I will return home from Alabama at the end of what would be Finals Week and have more than a week to enjoy my family. Except that two days after I get back, I will board a train with one of my roommates and travel to Chicago to spend two nights with our third roommate. Hopefully, even more shopping will take place up there and also lots of sightseeing.

By the time I return home from Chicago, I will probably need the remainder of break just to recoup from all my traveling. However, it will be great to spend some much needed time with my family before coming back to school for May Term. I will see you in Spring Term, Hanover! Adios!

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