Not Passing Up a Good Deal

If you are lucky like me, your RA will give you a booklet explaining your Panther Pass. The booklet also includes a handy list of businesses participating and the deals they offer.

Being a student at Hanover College has many perks, and I talk about them all the time. But it seems that in all my blogging, I have skipped right over a perk that saves my broke college self a couple dollars every now and then.

Each student at Hanover gets a student ID card which acts as your library card and with a swipe, you can get food in either the Campus Center or The Underground. This lovely ID card also does something else, something that is perhaps not as well known as it should be. It acts as a Panther Pass to local entertainment, shops and restaurants.

The Panther Pass privilege varies by establishment, but generally it gives us 10, 15, or 20 percent off of whatever we buy at certain places. Madison, Ind., is very Hanover College friendly and places in both Upper and Lower Madison give students special offers.

I most frequently use my ID card to get ten-percent off at King 88, a local delicious Chinese buffet that has an awesome hibachi grill! As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure this was the only place I had flashed my card before this semester.

Then I got a little crazy and started whipping it out all over Madison. I found that I also got 10 percent off at Hong Kong Kitchen, the go-to place for Chinese take-out in Madison (can you tell I like Chinese food?). And The Ohio Theatre has a great bargain for Hanover students. While they have their special prices every Tuesday (you can watch a movie for $3! What a bargain!) on any other day when tickets are full price, ($6) if you have a Hanover friend with you, you buy one ticket and get one free.

Yes, that means that as long as you take a friend, everyday is priced like Tuesday. That leaves you the other $3 you would have spent to put toward popcorn and candy.

If movie going and eating out aren’t your favorite get off campus activities, the cute shops downtown offer special deals for students. As long as you have your ID you can’t go wrong really. Maybe you will even get lucky and get a deal from a shop not on the list.

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