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The St. Louis Art Museum

As my junior year rapidly gets away from me, I find myself uncertain about what my summer plans should be. As an English major, I am not required to complete an internship, as are those in the Business Scholars Program, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t look around for one. I have had these thoughts for several weeks now and have even talked to my super amazing faculty advisor about my worries. She assured me that with or without an internship I would be more than prepared for what may come after Hanover.

That did help me take some of the pressure off. Meaning that if I don’t manage to snag a super sweet internship somewhere dealing with all things medieval (oh yes, such jobs exist) my research accomplishments would still be plenty. She did however, give me some great options that I hadn’t before considered. I could try for an internship at a big city library that has a medieval section and may host events, get into the publishing side of things or even be on the lookout for an internship at an art museum.

The art museum idea was absolutely brilliant! I began my search immediately and plan on applying for some internships very soon. If I get one of these positions I will get to learn even more about my favorite historical period AND get a closer look at some real life medieval arms and armor! Eeek! That being said, deadlines are coming up fast and some of them have pretty intense requirements, meaning I am going to have to bring my A+ game.

But if I don’t manage to get a super sweet internship, I can always spend the summer working and saving money back for an amazing senior trip with my friends. Either way, summer vacation seems to get a lot closer to being here with every second that ticks by.

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