A Night at the Casino – Part I

The prize table at Casino Night, which held all of the prizes that brought out a good percentage of the student body Saturday evening.

There are almost always events going on around campus: a play, a concert, a show by Hanover’s improv troupe, Evil Petting Zoo, something. However, the second half of the semester is much quieter than both fall and spring terms.

Fall includes the Gala, the Homecoming football game and events, including a concert. Spring term, on the other hand, has sunshine and wiffleball on its side. But this year, thanks in large part to President DeWine, winter term is now the home of Casino Night.

Saturday night was finally the night I had been waiting for. A Kindle Fire, a flat screen TV and a BluRay player were among the big prizes in a raffle. The anticipation for this event had been growing for weeks. Weeks of emails from Student Life, looking at posters, looking up types of casino games and staying up to date on the big prizes.

Then, YES!, it was time. My roommate and I made our way to the Campus Center and signed in to receive our door prize slip and our chip card.

Once we had our chips in hand we decided to check out the games. My game of choice was definitely Black Jack, but after losing several hands (and chips) I decided to cash in my chips for tickets and hit the buffet. I signed my name to the back of my tickets and divided them among the Kindle Fire, TV and a Flip camera.

The food at Casino night was definitely my favorite part. It was absolutely amazing; I could have stayed there munching for hours. Popcorn shrimp, chicken wings, spinach dip, a veggie tray and the most delicious chocolate fondue I have ever had. With the fondue came marshmallows, fresh fruit, pretzel sticks and cake bites, all of which were very tasty.

After eating my weight in shrimp and yummy melted chocolate, and drinking several cups of lemonade, it was time for the winners of the big prizes to be announced. There were, throughout the event, door prizes awarded and I did manage to win a Hanover t-shirt, which was pretty great! Unfortunately I wasn’t as lucky in the big prize category and neither was my roommate. We didn’t win any of the top prizes but we still had a fun-filled evening and would definitely be up for another Casino Night next year!

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