A not very Christmas Christmas break with two Americans

In Cincinnati Airport.

Over Christmas Break, two of my friends, Elizabeth Dewes and Sloane Hamilton, went home with me for 26 days. Yes, I mean China.

So what happened? I was with someone who was afraid of any meat but American meat and also afraid of ginger, so what do you think? Well, let’s say that other than one of them going into a hospital in Beijing, the other one getting bitten by a dog, one peeing outside of a police station, missing the train to Hangzhou the first night, walking one and half hours to get a taxi on New Years Eve — it was pretty AWESOME.

Sleeping on the plane.

I was afraid that they would not be able to sleep on the plane, and then…



The first dinner in Hangzhou.

The first dinner in Hangzhou, I took them to one of the most popular restaurant in Hangzhou, the Grandma’s. They obviously liked the menu a lot. Look at their faces. I ordered fish, but I forgot American people don’t usually have fish with bones.

Second night.

Second dinner, They ate, hahaha, and actually they really liked the dinner. I was so happy that I finally ordered the right food for them.

We also went biking around the city.
We played tourist!

After few days in Hangzhou, we went to Wuzhen, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Macau and Shanghai. There are more stories and pictures to come.


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