A Night in the SAC with CAB

South Six 5 performing live in the SAC

…and South Six 5¬†couldn’t possibly make for a dull night. As this weekend was an important one at the HC what with lots of prospective students on campus, the Campus Activities Board wanted to hold a special event. What could be more special than bringing some of Indiana’s most talented youth to campus and serving up some of Jendy’s pizza? Nothing.

South Six 5 is a band formed about ten months ago and composed entirely of sixth graders. You may find it hard to believe that college students would enjoy such an event, but SS5 definitely brought down the SAC. They played songs from everyone’s play list; everyone from Green Day to Journey appeared on their set-list. The boys were so talented, they even did a cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You” (you can find a video of it here!)!

You may also think, “Okay, so they can play music and sing at the same time, what else?” Well for starters, they were hilarious. After each song there was a little down time for jokes and questions. Those at the event really got into the band and by the time they took their 20 minute break, students pushed their way toward the band for autographs. You may think I’m kidding, but I definitely have a SS5 autographed pic on my fridge right now). Did I mention they mingle with their fans? Oh yes, the majority of the audience got band stickers and promo photos!

Even more exciting? SS5 just auditioned for America’s Got Talent and are waiting for a call back. The band has been on Good Morning America, something no one I know can say. While CAB may have been a little nervous about bringing the boys to campus, everyone enjoyed them and they may find their way back here, if they don’t get too famous first!


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