New Year’s in Hot Springs!

The lights of Hot Springs from one of the mountain tops.

While I have always been in Illinois for New Year’s as long as I can remember, this year I changed things up. Instead, I accepted my boyfriend’s invitation to go to Arkansas to visit his sister and some of his other family members. I had never been to Arkansas before and I am always on the lookout for another opportunity to add another city and state to my visited list. I love to travel, just not alone.

While in Arkansas I did so many things. I got to see the Bath Houses in Hot Springs (the underground spring water is used in all of these places), eat a lot of good food (I had gumbo for the first time and am definitely craving some right this second!) and went shopping in Little Rock. I also got to see several historic sights in Hot Springs,  the home of Bill Clinton, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. It was nice to have 60-plus degree weather while ringing in the New Year.

Another great part about this trip was getting to meet/visit with so many of my boyfriend’s family members. It was definitely a trip I would take again in a second!

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