Facing The Music

If you’re a music lover and you know it, clap your hands! Whenever I go home, I actually have the time to see what is new. That means I check up on recently released books, movies and music albums. I learned my lesson last year as a freshman when I became two books behind in one of my favorite book series. So today, I’d like to share an album or two with all of you music lovers who read this blog.

For all of the R&B lovers out there, I’d like to say that Carl Thomas has made his epic return! (I know what you’re thinking. How did he do it after all of these years?)  The answer is quite simple; his voice is like melting butter on a hot summer day. That guy makes everything he sings sound super smooth.

He released his latest album, “Conquer,” after he had been out of the music scene for a while. I am glad to see him back and strongly encourage everyone to check him out. (If you don’t know who he his look him up on YouTube. “Summer Rain” is a great song to start.

Next on the list is the ever so illustrious Robin Thicke, with his latest album, “Love After War.” I have always liked Thicke, but I especially like the flavor of this album. I think that my favorite tracks are “Tears on My Tuxedo” (which I’m sure we’ll see on the next love montage for a James Bond movie because it’s just that awesome!) and “Pretty Lil’ Heart.” I love the slow smooth jazz and the old school jazz feel to the album. I recommend it to all.

Last, but not least, there’s Amy Winehouse. She was without a doubt one of my favorites and I was definitely devastated when I thought there would never be another album release from her. However, fear not! Winehouse’s family released an album called “Lioness: Hidden Treasures.” The album contains previously unreleased tracks that Winehouse’s family thought spoke volumes of her talent and character. I have it, and I am absolutely sold on it.

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