The Gift that Keeps on Giving

All the yummy candy that was sent our way! She even included candy canes!

With this past week being Dead Week, I definitely felt dead. I was completely exhausted by the time Friday came. I had multiple papers due, a presentation to give, classes to attend, and three exams to study for and take. On top of that you can’t forget finding time to eat, shower and sleep! Luckily for me, I got it all done in what seemed like record time (that is, after it was all done).

I also had it a lot easier than a lot of my fellow Hanover students. Many of us had even more work, so much so that sleeping some nights was definitely not an option. I did not have to give up much of my sleep, for which I am very thankful. I think that my week could have been much more difficult if I had to go on less than six to seven hours a night.

But sometimes, you have to make extra time and usually the first thing to go is sleep. So I got through Dead Week, did so with sleep and with a pretty good outcome grade-wise.

Now that I have most of my finals and all of my papers and presentation finished, I have only one final Monday standing between me and my Christmas Break. A break full of fun, friends, family and my animals! I miss everyone a lot and this break is hopefully going to be a great one. I hope so as I worked especially hard this semester.

One great thing that helped me get through this Dead Week was a massive amount of Christmas candy that my roommate’s mom made and sent to us. It contained five different types of homemade candy, including peanut butter bon-bons, peanut brittle, white chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered peanuts and froot-loop candy. All of the candy arrived fairly early in the week and has been a staple ever since.

The chocolate pretzels are definitely my favorite and I have been working hard to make a dent in them before I leave Monday afternoon.

The little things are sometimes what helps that most; in this case, the box of candy is the gift that keeps on giving as it has lasted for quite a while and continues to make me happy. You just can’t be sad when you have a delicious, homemade chocolate pretzel on hand. Mmmm!


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