Richter Grants Send Students Around the World

Admission counselor, Jane Stormer, and Hanover students during a trip abroad to Paris.

Big news hit Hanover today as three students received Richter Grants to pursue self-designed study abroad opportunities. J. Edward Richter started the grants back in 1981 to “encourage individual achievement and emphasize the necessity for the student’s use of his/her own capacity to achieve, based upon his/her own efforts and a sense of responsibility for his/her own conduct.”

More specifically, these grants allow students to create their own projects overseas during regularly scheduled school breaks, while paying for lodging, airfare and other necessities.

Senior Abby Guthrie will travel to Van, Turkey, to conduct research for her project “Aftershocks: Van’s Recovery from the October 23rd Earthquake.” While in Turkey, Guthrie will film and interview residents of Van in an effort to learn more about how a society rebuilds after devastating disasters.

Junior John Humphrey will travel to South America to study environmental law for his project, “The Oil Industry and Its Aftermath in the Jungles of Ecuador.” There, he will examine the results of the largest environmental lawsuit in history, Chevron Oil vs. Ecuador.

Finally, senior Yun Li will focus her studies on healthcare when she flies to the other side of the world to explore her topic, “Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Its Role in the Tibetan Rural Healthcare System.”

These three projects alone earned $7,000 to fund their completion. There is still almost $50,000 remaining in this year’s Richter Fund. I, along with everyone else at Hanover, look forward to seeing what opportunities and discoveries these grants will bring!

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